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Module 3 - Part 2:

Exercise - Self-pleasuring Meditation

Now I will give you a description and the demo of the exercise. Lower you will also find an MP3 with a suitable music for this exercise. It will help you activate your sexual flow on which we will build and advance during this week.

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Part 1 – Lecture: Fundamentals of Sexual Mastery


First listen to the instructions.

Press "CC" for subtitles.

Now look at the Demo of this exercise - so you know exactly what to do.

Press "CC" for subtitles.

Now you are ready to practice. In this exercise there is no external guidance, because you should follow your own inner "instructions" and process. You can use our music in MP3 lower or find your own music that suits you best. Have a soft floor (a matrace or a grass if you are in nature) and a pillow. Now you can begin the exercise.

This week is more intense then the others. It contains more lectures to help you truly understand what is male sexuality and master it. We will build on the previous exercises and add more practice. So do this exercise today and tomorrow and on Wednesday you will get an in-depth lecture and next exercise.

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