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Module 3 - Part 3:

Lecture - Sexual Mastery

In this lecture we will go even deeper in your understanding of lovemaking and men-women relations. It comes with some exercises during the video so find a comfortable private space and let's begin.

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Part 1 – Lecture: Fundamentals of Sexual Mastery


This is a recording of Anahata´s powerful webinar on Sexual Mastery. Go through it and practice with the video.

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Apart from breathing practices in this video there is a great emphasis on Self-pleasuring meditation. It is indeed one of the most powerful practices which we advise you to keep doing during the next days. If you will last with it for this whole week, it will rewire neurological patterns in your brain and you can overcome your past conditioning and take your love-life to a whole new level.
There will be one more big lesson and a recording of the Closure Webinar with a lot of support for you.

So this week is really intense, but if you lean into it, it will help you truly achieve your male sexual mastery.