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Sexual Mastery Miniworkshop

Free Online Webinar with Swami Anahata

The recording is no longer available. If you want more inspiration, read on.

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Want to go deeper?

I am happy that you seek inspiration how to step into your masculine power and heal your sexuality and relationships.

If you want to go deeper, I have a special opportunity to you: On Monday 18th September I am opening my brand new online course dedicated to Men and their Sexuality. It is a series of powerful online meditations as well as lectures and support. All the materials will remain available to you forever.

And because I am just opening it and you are interested in this topic, I will give you the best price possible. Instead of a full price of 195 EUR you can insert the promo code BESTPRICE and you will pay only half – 97 EUR.
This offer is valid until September 13th 23:59 CET.

See all the details here: