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Module 2 - Part 2:

Exercise - Tantra Kriya Yoga Breathing

Now I will give you a description and the demo of the exercise. Lower you will also find an MP3 that you can play as a guidance to practically going through the exercise. It will help you cleanse your emotions, break harmful past conditioning and refresh your life's energy.

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Part 1 – Lecture: Fundamentals of Emotional Flow


First listen to the instructions.

Press "CC" for subtitles.

Now look at the Demo of the stages of this exercise - so you know exactly what to do in each stage.

Press "CC" for subtitles.

Now you are ready to practice. Here is the MP3 you can play or download to your device. Find a suitable space in a nature or at home. It is recommended to have at least 2 x 2m space where you will not be disturbed for the next 15 minutes. Please have a soft floor (a matrace or a grass if you are in nature) and if you often feel dizzy, practice in a sitting position.
Now you can play the MP3 and begin the exercise.

This exercise is short, however it's effects are really intense. You can do it every morning or even several times a day. It is up to you if you decide to combine the exercises and do every day all 3 of them or just this one. But it is adviced to do Tantra Kriya Yoga exercise for the next 3 days - in that way the effects will be biggest and you can utilize this course in the best way possible.

On Thursday I will give you next exercise and if you wish, you can share, ask your questions and connect in our private facebook group just for this course: