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Sexual Mastery Miniworkshop

Free Online Webinar with Swami Anahata


Tuesday, 12th of September, 7pm CET

Experience top practices for men
in the field of sexual empowerment.

Making love is one of the most powerful experiences a human being can have however there is almost no education given to it even in the most advanced countries. They teach you the biological part however nothing related to pleasure. Why? Let's see.

During this 70 minutes miniworkshop, you will get to know the most important skills for your sexual life - from the point of body and spirit.

It will help you

Unleash your full potential
and bring your sex life to another level

We will work on healing your wounds as well as enhancing your sexual capacity. I will also say more about my new Sexual Mastery for Men online course. And we will have an intense time full of learning and discovery.

On September 12th
7pm CET

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