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Become the most incredible lover to your woman.

Gain her trust.


Welcome to Swami Anahata
transformational online workshop


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Wild, strong and alpha male

This 3-week intense online training is based on personal work with more then 3 000 men. It is precisely designed to help men feel strong, assertive and present in their sexual life and in their relation to women.

You will get guidance and exercises that will make you a wild and confident lover in bed and strong and conscious alpha male in life.

Open permanently

30 minutes a day


"My name is Swami Anahata and I devoted 18 years of my life to explore teachings of Tantra.
Now I bring it all to you
in a simple yet highly effective manner."

In this course you will get


Cleanse your blocks around sexuality

Release repressed emotions from the past

Open multiorgasmic energy flow

Last longer in bed and feel much more joy

Beat the addiction to porn

Learn 3 key communication tools for love and relating

Just take a moment and imagine...

„... imagine this strong energy flowing in all of your body. You radiate it, people around feel it.

When you reach your woman, one touch is enough for her arousal. You open her energy and her heart. And you feel endless joy in your body. You are free to do whatever you want without shame or guilt. You are just who you are –

a strong and conscious man in your full power.“

This is what you deserve
and what you can achieve now!

What are the areas of the course

Full body energy flow

You will learn the tantric and Taoist practices that will activate your whole body energy. Thanks to that you will feel the sexual energy in all parts of your body and you will open your erotic zones all over body. Your energy will radiate and you will become stronger, more attractive and more confident around people and around women.

Emotional cleansing

You will release repressed emotions from the past and overcome the old paradigm of shame, fear and guilt around male sexuality. Thanks to this your multi orgasmic energy will reach your whole body, you will discover your true empowerment and will be able to open much more to women and make them open to you.

Sexual Mastery

You will learn 3 master keys to become expert in creating, moving and playing with your sexual energy. You will open a deep, primal power within you, free yourself from the stress of mind and become fully focused and present – a thing that every woman wants most in her lover. It will liberate you and will allow you to become a true man in bed and in life.

What men are saying

about Swami Anahata trainings

„I immediately felt inspired by Anahatas way of teaching and find him one of the most inspiring spiritual teachers that I have ever met. Humble and gentle, but also passionate, enthusiastic and wild – he can give you this inner freedom.“

Arnoldo, Finland

“It was really powerful and deep journey. I usually avoid things like this, but this was the best experience ever. I got so much confidence, I was able to release a lot of anger and fear and I feel now my energy really coming up and really vibrating in all of my body.

It changed my view of myself and of women. And it helped me so much – I feel power, I feel strength and I feel my heart.

Klaus, Germany

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What is the price?

The workshop contains:
7 in-depth lectures, 5 practical exercises, 3 meditations, a support group and 1 live webinar at the end of the course.

These 3 weeks of guidance and growth cost
only 1/3 of a price of Anahatas live retreat:


If your want to open your full sexual potential, the time has never been better and you are welcomed to join with the best price possible.


*this offer is limited until September 17th CET.


How does it work?

The workshop starts after you pay your order.

From then on you will get one new material every three days – a lecture, exercise or meditation.

You will learn how to elevate your sexual power and make progress over 3 weeks.

All this time you will have access to a private online support group to share your struggles, your successes and ask questions.

The workshop will end with Swami Anahatas webinar where he will make closure to this journey.

On top of that you will get


#1 Live webinar with Anahata

At the end of 3 weeks Anahata will host a special webinar just for members of the workshop. He will explain how to best bring the effects of the course into your daily life, you can ask live questions and it will be a great closure to the program. Value of the webinar is €45, you get it free.

#2 Private support group

You will have unique opportunity to connect with your brothers, who strive for the same goal of developing strong sexual male energy. They will support you and you can create strong bonds and benefit from the workshop even more. Value of this bonus is immesuarable.

#3 Mp3 to each exercise

As a special bonus we add an audio version of each of the workshop practises. This way you can tune into every exercise whenever you want and feel secure that you are doing it right and are supported. Value of this bonus is €45 and you get it as a gift.

This offer comes with a guarantee of your satisfaction. We make programs that bring results so you have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you lean into it and do not achieve progress, just send us an email and our team will send your money back.


Your access is for good. Althought we will go through the course together during 3 weeks, you can go at your own pace and you will have access forever. This way you can get back to the materials and pratice whenever you want.

It is advised that you have 30 minutes every day during 3 weeks of the workshop.

Yes. The course works as great for single men as for those in a relationship. The main focus is to develop YOUR sexual power and skills and it will be noted by all the women – partners or others.

No. All the exercises and meditations are ment for you alone. You can apply them in your love life, but the training is ment for you and your sexual and personal growth.

It is up to you. It is a private group on facebook and we advise you to join since this is a great way to connect with other men. You can get support, answers to your questions and benefit even more from the workshop. But nobody will force you to join and the decision is up to you.

No. You do not need to have any related knowledge or experience. The course works with the deep and highly effective techniques, but they are explained simply and in great detail so you will be able to go through them easily – regardless of your previous experiences.

More testimonials

“I enjoyed the combination of fun and big dedication – and wisdom that came from that. I think it is very important for a man to get in touch with emotions and get to know all sides of himself. And tantra with Anahata allows you that.

It is very experiential and for me that has been the most valuable thing. I tend to be a lot of the head type so these exercises challenged me to just put myself in there and it was perfect.

Vesa, Finland

Paul, UK

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„It is not about Anahata teaching us how to be a man, it is about us being aware of what manliness is and femininity is and how we can learn from that and grow. The way he leads the workshops – gentle but powerful.

Simon, Switzerland

Klaus, Germany

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Cross that line now

It is in our male nature to risk, to do bold steps and live to our fullest potential. Now is the time for you to decide if you will stay in old habits, doubting and lowering yourself, or lean into something new.

Explore your sexual power and become a strong and sexually confident lover who radiates his inner light into the world.

We open you this unique opportunity with the most experienced teacher, proven techniques and the wisdom of ancient Tantra. The current price is only 1/3 of Anahata´s live retreat - €195 so come to this exciting journey and succeed now.

We open you this unique opportunity with the most experienced teacher, proven techniques and the wisdom of ancient Tantra. You can take the advantage of our opening price of only €139 so come to this exciting journey and succeed now.



*this offer is limited until September 17th CET.


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