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Reclaim your manhood

This 3-part intense training is based on personal work with more then 3 000 men. It is designed to support you in being powerful, sensitive, authentic and expansive so that you can share your deepest gifts with other men, women and the world.

Coming to this training is a choice to reclaim your individual manhood, to stand in the light of your own awareness as a man among other men, as brothers.

August 16th - 20th

Live intense training

Skalka 22, Czech Republic

"This is the time when we, as men, can come together and release the old paradigm of fear, shame and guilt around masculinity and discover our true empowerment."

Each module of this training will give you


Open up your sexual power

Release repressed emotions

Cultivate your presence and groudedness

Lift your confidence

Accept your sensitivity

Share, create and celebrate manhood

Can you feel it?

„Imagine being a part of conscious brotherhood, sharing, creating and celebrating your gifts.

Taking action when needed,
finding strength to face challenges,
having strong male support when necessary,
feeling calmness even in difficult situations.

You can reach women, you can reach other people, you can reach your dreams, but you are not dependent on them. Free from worries or anyone's expectations, you are your true self
- awakened man in his full power.“

This is what you deserve
and what you can achieve now!

Modules of the course

Sexual Mastery
1-5 November 2023 - Czechia

Here you will be exploring your connection to sexuality, grounding, money and your wild erotic side. Nature has given 3 times stronger sexual drive to men and your whole brain is flooded by hormones urging you to make love regularly and seek empowerment through it.

 In this module you will use tantric and Taoist practices to breathe, move and awaken your sexual energy, learn to channel it in and upward to open your Chakra system. Only then you will for the first time feel the full ecstasy of making Love. You will become a multi-orgasmic man playing with peaks and valleys of lovemaking, lasting for hours in bed. You will also be able to deal with sexual and health issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and pornographic habitual patterns.

Discover your true soul calling
3-7 April 2024 - Czechia

Now you will learn how to cultivate presence. You will go through tribal rituals, meditation and initiations from ancient India and Tibet to discover your true purpose of life on this planet. Then you can live in truth and freedom, discovering who you are meant to be. It will make you honest, clear, direct, humble and you will let go of conditioning and beliefs which no longer serve you.

The hormone Testosterone directs you to be goal-oriented, territorial and competitive as well as muscularly strong and sexually potent. Here you will learn ways of living your testosterone-fuelled nature in brotherhood with other men, discovering creative ways for conflict resolution and healthy expressions of competition. You will open your energy flow in your solar plexus to regain your capacity for facing challenges in life. This will make you capable of holding space for yourself and others.

Awakened Man
4-7 July 2024 - Czechia

In this part of the training you will realize your full potential. You will learn how to be both powerful and vulnerable – open hearted, honest, transparent, wild and playful. You will integrate your light and shadow side. And your actions and words will become absolutely aligned.

You will be guided in tantric meditation, vision quest and rituals to open your crown chakra to universal consciousness. You will learn to trust in your inner guru and open to divine inner guidance. This is where celebration of manhood is embodied. Men come together and nourish each other in our presence and power. We learn to fuel each other with playfulness and joy. The True Man in you – in all nobility and grandeur – is awakening.

What men are saying

about Swami Anahata trainings

„I immediately felt inspired by Anahatas way of teaching and find him one of the most inspiring spiritual teachers that I have ever met. Humble and gentle, but also passionate, enthusiastic and wild – he can give you this inner freedom.“

Arnoldo, Finland

“It was really powerful and deep journey. I usually avoid things like this, but this was the best experience ever. I got so much confidence, I was able to release a lot of anger and fear and I feel now my energy really coming up and really vibrating in all of my body.

It changed my view of myself and of women. And it helped me so much – I feel power, I feel strength and I feel my heart.

Klaus, Germany

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What is the price?

This workshop is the best of Swami Anahata's male trainings.
It will help you find your true strength and empowerment as a man.

You can begin with any module



Pay €200 to book now and the rest on spot.

*the price does not include food & accomodation - 210€ which is paid separately on spot





*the price does not include food & accomodation - 210€ for each module paid separately on spot

How does it work?

The training has 3 modules, but you can choose if you go through all 3 or only 1 of them. They each work well separately so it does not matter with which module you start.

Closest module is Sexual Mastery on 1-5 November 2023 at Skalka 22, Czech Republic.

When you send the deposit of €200, your place is confirmed. The rest of the money you will pay on spot at arrival.

More testimonials

“I enjoyed the combination of fun and big dedication – and wisdom that came from that. I think it is very important for a man to get in touch with emotions and get to know all sides of himself. And tantra with Anahata allows you that.

It is very experiential and for me that has been the most valuable thing. I tend to be a lot of the head type so these exercises challenged me to just put myself in there and it was perfect.

Vesa, Finland

Paul, UK

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„It is not about Anahata teaching us how to be a man, it is about us being aware of what manliness is and femininity is and how we can learn from that and grow. The way he leads the workshops – gentle but powerful.

Simon, Switzerland

Klaus, Germany

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Step up into your power now

The important decisions in our lives are always "now or never". Choose to overcome your fear and doubts and learn why you were born as a man. What gifts and potential lies within your body and soul.

You are invited to be a part of the honest, truthful and empowering circle of men.

Regain your consciousness and become a pillar - for your woman, for the society and for yourself.

Connect your strong sexual energy with the power of your Spirit and begin healing the world by healing yourself.

This is unique opportunity so take your chance now:


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